Unpaid Garbage Fees Cause Budget Cuts in Wilcox Co.


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  Wilcox County officials say a budget shortfall caused by unpaid garbage fees has caused an across the board pay cut for county workers.

The county commission has cut all full-time hourly county employees down to 36 hours a week -- and eliminated all of the county's temporary workers.

Commissioner John Moton says the cuts were needed because of a $300,000 dollar a year budget shortfall caused by unpaid garbage fees. He says a new law linking car tags and property taxes to unpaid garbage bills has now been put in place to make sure people pay up.

"Because in order to get a tag or pay your taxes you would have to first pay that solid waste bill. So, it was a unique way of collecting our solid waste and eliminating the shortfall in the budget," said Moton.

Moton says the cuts will remain in place throughout the current fiscal year.

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