VictoryLand Casino To Open Before End Of Year


By Lisa Blackwell

More jobs could be coming to Macon County.
That's because Victoryland Casino plans to reopen before the end of the year.

Tuskegee's newly elected mayor, Johnny Ford says a 64 million dollar lawsuit was holding up the reopening of VictoryLand. He says now that a judge has thrown out it out, the casino can move forward with reopening.
Christmas could come early for Macon County. Newly elected Mayor Johnny Ford says he ran on that promise and it will come true.
"I project that we'll have another wonderful Christmas in Macon County with VictoryLand being fully reopened, people being re-employed millions of dollars coming again to our local community," said Ford.
VictoryLand's website shows the casino is accepting applications. Milton McGregors attorney, Joe Espy confirms they are building a pool of qualified applicants and will open before the end of the year.
Ford says Macon County residents approved a constitutional amendment back in 2003 that makes bingo legal there. He says new gaming machines will be legal too.
"They are in the process of getting the machines the same machines the Indians are using now the same electronic machines they're using in Green County, the financing will be in place I'm sure there is no obstacle they can't overcome," said Ford.
Ford says just turning the lights on will generate revenue.
"The opening of VictoryLand is a 2.5 million dollar utility customer for the utility board of Tuskegee," said Ford.

Residents say people could really use the jobs.

John Johnson, a Shorter resident, says "I think it would be good for Macon County you got good jobs, a lot of people out of work, it puts a lot of people back to work."

Billy Gann, Owner of BK National Tire, says "They definitely need jobs around here shorter and macon county both were doing great when they were open."

Ford says VictoryLand reopening would create 2000 jobs. He encourages people in Macon County to fill out an application because seventy five percent of VictoryLand workers must live in Macon County.

Some at the state level are still fighting against electronic bingo so this battle isn't over.

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