Voters Weigh In On Jay Love Special Election


By Josh Ninke

The special election to fill Jay Love's vacant house seat is just around the corner, and voters are looking for leadership from his replacement in the areas of state budget as well as education. 

Heather Sellers, Dimitri Polizos, and Charlotte Meadows are almost done with the campaign trail for this special election. Voter Jackie Argo hopes that whoever wins, they'll do more to fix the state's education system.
"I was a school teacher. And I'm very concerned about our schools. I feel like we're putting bandaids on the problem. And taxpayers are expected to pay for it and I'm tired of it," said Argo.
But that's not the only thing that voters are looking for. Greg Graham wants someone as active in Montgomery as Jay Love.
"I'd really like to see someone a lot like Jay Love who's involved in the community. Very hands on. As far as somebody that's high profile that's seen a lot working in the community," said Graham.
Another voter hopes the state can find money to bring more green space to the Montgomery area. 
"I'm especially in favor of beautifying the city. I've been active in garden clubs all my adult life. So I would love to see any plans for parks, trees, beautification projects," said Sarah Robison.
And Argo had one last message for the next representative of House District 74.
"I would like to beg them, beg them not to give themselves a raise."
If you'd like to vote in this special election but haven't registered yet, don't worry. There's still time. You have until Friday to register to vote.

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