Voters to Decide Sunday Alcohol Sales in Dallas Co.


By George McDonald

From the CBS 8 West Alabama Newsroom--  Voters in Dallas County will decide whether the sale of alcohol will be allowed to expand to seven days a week.

A referendum to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Dallas County is on the November 6th ballot.

Efforts for and against Sunday alcohol sales are underway in an effort to try and sway voters before the election.

Rev. Tom Stacey of the Selma Baptists Association is opposed to Sunday alcohol sales.

"We already have six days of alcohol sales in Dallas Co. and what we're opposed to is Sunday the Lord's Day," said Stacey.

Steve South is the general manager at beer distributor Bama Budweiser of Selma-- and in favor of Sunday alcohol sales.

"The state of Alabama is the highest taxed beer state in the nation. I'm sure that the city and the county could use the extra money," said South.

Officials say the referendum was placed on the ballot to allow the people to decide the issue.

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