Workout of the Day for Water in Troy


By Alabama News Network

One billion people don't have access to clean water all across the world and every day about 4,000 children die for lack of clean drinking water.

Those statistics were motivation for a Troy fundraiser called W.O.D. or Workout of the Day for Water.

The second annual event will be held on November 2nd at Troy University.

Participants will work out with jerry cans, a container that holds water.

Children in India get one on his or her fifth birthday to get water from wells as far as five miles away from home.

Money from the fundraiser goes to "Never Thirst" in Birmingham, an organization that builds deep water wells in third world countries.

This year, the group set a $20,000 goal and they've already surpassed that.

To sign up or get more information, visit the website:

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