Wetumpka Businesses Want Beer On Tap


By Alabama News Network

Draft beer means big business for bars and restaurants. Many in Wetumpka, where it's currently illegal to sell draft beer, feel like they're losing out to cities like Montgomery and Prattville. 

The happy hours aren't so happy and the taps are dry all across Wetumpka. 
And bartender Mage Jones is reminded all the time.
"I think it's doing a lot of damage. I have people come in every day and ask for draft or what we have on draft and I have to reply with nothing because we have no draft. It's all in the bottle," said Jones.
The topic came up on the last day of the legislative session this year, but didn't make it through. State Senator Bryan Taylor is making it a priority for next session, because he says he didn't know anything about the bill last time around.
"I've talked to the local officials in Wetumpka and I intend to reintroduce a local bill to authorize a referendum. I think people should get to vote on whether or not there will be draft beer sales," said Sen. Taylor.
But he doesn't want to include the Creek Casino in Wetumpka.
"I don't think we should allow the casino to compete at a tax advantage and be able to sell it at a lower price. That's unfair competition and this is about tax fairness."
If the bill makes it into law, voters in Wetumpka would still have to approve the sale of draft beer. Jones is confident that if the bill passes, the community would be all for it. 
"I highly think they would support it. I  mean, everybody else has draft beer in the vicinity as well, so we should as well," said Jones. 
Senator Taylor hopes that by starting the process early, things will go a lot smoother in next year's session.

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