Wetumpka Holds Pancake Breakfast to Support Downtown Revitalization


By Alabama News Network

The Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce held a pancake breakfast Saturday to benefit the rebuilding of its historic downtown.

It all got underway Saturday morning at Coaches Corner in Wetumpka.

People could pick out a combination of pancakes, sausage, orange juice and coffee.

Overall, organizers called it a big success. They sold more than 300 tickets at $5 each, raising more than 1,500 to go toward the revitalization projects.

Organizers say it's another step forward toward reaching their goal.

"I think it will help the town to prosper. It will help the folks around here to prosper as well, but it will just bring some life back into downtown. It will be an exciting  place to come to visit. I mean we got the river, we got a lot of great things already going on in this downtown. Just to revitalize it would add to that," said Eric Hyde with the Chamber of Commerce.

This was the first annual pancake breakfast for the city.

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