What Makes Your Vehicle a Target for Thieves?


By Brittany Bivins

August is one of the hottest months of the year when it comes to car thefts. According to Progressive Insurance, stolen car claims go up 15 percent this month on average. We rode along with Montgomery Co. Sheriff Lt. Scott Cone to see what makes a car an easy target.

"Sometimes people, criminals if you want to call it that, will not go into a driveway, they'll pick the cars out on the roadside such as that black car right there," said Cone, pointing out a car parked along a roadside on a residential street.

Cone says many people don't take precautions to keep their vehicles safe, including leaving their keys inside their cars or their windows rolled down.

However, there are certain cars that are targeted specifically.

"Say they need a motor out of a Chevy Z-71. Then they're going to get a Chevy Z-71 from somewhere," Cone said.

John Martin lives in Montgomery and says an ATV was stolen from his yard several years ago. He says he now takes extra precautions, installing equipment to secure a trailer to his yard.

"I don't think you think about it if you don't have any problems, but if you start having problems in the neighborhood, cars getting broken into and stuff like that, you really need to take it seriously," said Martin.

According to the Progressive data, Alabama ties for the third lowest recovery rate in the country. Only 28 percent of stolen cars are ever returned to their owners.

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