Who's the Tougher Opponent for Bama: LSU or Auburn?


By Ellis Eskew

  No doubt - The Bama-LSU game has been one that fans have waited for all season.

   But could Auburn actually be Bama's toughest competition this year after the Tigers turnaround season?

We asked our Facebook fans who is the tougher opponent for Alabama?

Steven Johnson says, "Auburn. We have grown a lot since we played LSU, plus they're playing at our house."

Jeffrey Barber says, "Auburn because they have a better defense than LSU."

Karly Michelle Stinson  says, "LSU..... cause we are tough to beat... I mean look at Auburn this year. They are good, but who knows."

Tanya Bodiford Long says, "I am a die hard Bama fan! With that I will say, Auburn has a better chance of beating us! Gus is a much better coach than Gene ever was. Plus, he is building a team!"


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