Log Truck Driver Shot on the Way to Work in Wilcox Co.


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  Authorities in Wilcox County are investigating a shooting in Alberta. It's the second shooting in a small town community in the county in less than a week.

Sheriff Earnest Evans says the shooting happened at around six Wednesday morning at the intersection of Highway 5 and County Road 29. The victim in the shooting has been identified as Joe Irby, Junior of Alberta. Evans says Irby was shot inside of his log truck while on his way to work.

Clarence Brooks of Alberta is Irby's brother-in-law. He says Irby is in the hospital in Birmingham.

"I talked to my wife, they say he's paralyzed from the waist down but the doctor say it's up to him if he wants to walk again but he probably won't be the same," said Brooks.

"This is something you know, you don't expect in a little small town like this," said Alberta resident Jerry Jackson. "Everbody know one another, then a person that never done nobody wrong you know yes, that's shocking, to the community, to me."

Sheriff Evans says no arrests have been made in the shooting and investigators are pursuing every lead.
Anyone with information call the Wilcox County Sheriff's Office at (334) 682-9115.

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