"Wild Kingdom's" Jim Fowler Visits Montgomery


By Ellis Eskew

Local elementary school students got a wild visit Friday.
Jim Fowler, co-host of  "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom," was at Auburn University-Montgomery to help educate children on preserving wildlife.

Those of an older generation may remember Jim Fowler from his "Wild Kingdom" days wrestling animals in the wild.

Today he travels the country helping to educate people, especially young ones, on the importance of preserving that wildlife.

"Most of the social tragedies that one happening in the world today, it's because we've destroyed habitat and the land can't support the species, which are us. So we have terrible tragedy, war and everything else based upon the have and the have nots," said Fowler.

Fowler spoke to the young kids, and of course, brought his animals.
At first, it was just the cockroaches that seemed to come from one of his pockets.
Then things got a little more interesting as Fowler pulled out a snake!

But he had no trouble with volunteers actually wanting to touch it.

Although through the fun and shrieks of excitement, Fowler wants to get a message across. And warns society of the dangers of living a world too wrapped up in digital technology.

"We're programming ourselves with fantasy-- the only species that can do that. A lot of stuff you see on television, the games we play, and I hate to say, even the cartoons are developing fantasy people. So we need the reality of the national world to keep us grounded because probably the most important thing facing our civilization is how we treat the earth," said Fowler.

Fowler has been a frequent guest on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson," "The Today Show," and "Conan."   He also serves as an ambassador to the world's wildest places and creatures.

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