Will a Temporary Restraining Order Be Placed on the New Abortion Bill?


By Jessica Gertler

From Montgomery -- A federal judge will announce tomorrow whether he will place a temporary restraining order against a new abortion law that goes into effect Monday. Today, Planned Parenthood Southeast and a Montgomery clinic argued why this law is unfair and places more burdens on women.

The law requires abortion clinics to follow stricter standards and makes it a felony for anyone other than a physician to perform an abortion.

Three out of the five clinics in the state, including the Montgomery clinic, cannot meet those standards and will have to shut their doors Monday if this law goes into effect.

That could change depending on what U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson decides.

Thompson listened to both sides Thursday afternoon.

Planned Parenthood, who filed a lawsuit two months after the bill was signed into law, argues only Tuscaloosa and Huntsville can meet the new requirements.

They say it will be impossible to find local physicians, because they feel they will be harassed. They say right now, they have to go out of state to find doctors.

The Attorney General's office says the requirements are not impossible to meet. Two clinics have already done so. They say this law ensures patient's safety and health.

Judge Thompson did not give any indication what time tomorrow he would make his announcement.

The temporary restraining order would only block the bill from enforcing the law until the Planned Parenthood lawsuit goes to court.


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