Monday, December 22, 2014

Women Want Protection After Two Sexual Assaults in Troy
By Jessica Gertler

From the CBS 8 Troy Newsroom-- Troy Police are still looking for a man they say sexually assaulted two women, and there is now a $20,000 reward if you can help find the attacker. But until he is caught, women say they're scared and are seeking protection.

Since the two sexual assaults that happened last week, Troy Sport Shop employees say women are piling in purchasing pepper spray, tasers and even handguns.

Troy Sport Shop Owner Thomas Calhoun says gun sales have spiked, but he wishes it was for a different reason. 

Troy Police are still looking for a man who they say sexually assaulted two women, a current university and former university student, in Hunter's Mountain Mobile Estates last Monday.

"I'm terrified," says university student Savannah Cassidy. "Because in Troy nothing happens, and it all happened at once, and it just keeps happening."

"It wouldn't hurt to purchase pepper spray or something," says university student Dresden Green.

It's a thought Calhoun says dozens of women are having. In the last week, he says he's sold close to one hundred bottles of pepper spray.

"Mace has been real, real demanding, and we just got more in today. We sold out of everything we had yesterday," he says. "We have people buying three or four at a time."

Sheriff Russell Thomas says it's important women know how to protect themselves. That's why his department is offering female firearms safety training, and already, he's filled five classes.

"We've got a large amount of people who are calling and signing up daily," Thomas says. "Just this morning within thirty minutes, we had three inquiries."

Both the sheriff's office and Troy Police are offering women's firearms safety classes throughout April and May. These aren't just for university students. In fact, both departments are encouraging all women in the community to sign up.

Police need your help finding the attacker. They say he is a black male, around six feet tall, 250 pounds with a close-cut hair. If you can solve this case, please call Troy Police at (334) 566-5055.

The city of Troy, Troy University, Hunter's Mountain Mobile Estates and a concerned parent are combining their efforts in offering a reward of $20,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

For more information on Troy Police's Women's Firearms Safety Class:

The Pike County Sheriff's Women's Firearms Safety Class will be held Saturday, April 7, and more dates are still being determined. The classes are free. If you are interested, call the sheriff's office at (334) 566-4347.