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Broadcasters: The following list is for your planning purposes and not to be released or used for promotional purposes until the Alabama APME Awards Luncheon on Saturday, July 20 in Birmingham, where winners will be honored. Best newscast, outstanding news operation and cooperation awards will be announced at the awards lunch. A publishable awards list and story will move July 20.

A separate advisory will move with registration information for the Saturday, July 20 luncheon, which will be held at the Summit Club, 1901 6th Ave. N, Suite 3100, Birmingham, Ala., 35203. Doors will open at 11:30 a.m.; lunch will be served noon, followed by the awards.

Alabama APME Broadcast Contest Award Winners 2013


.Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast: Will be announced July 20.

.Best Coverage of a Spot News Story: WBHM, "January 2012 Tornado", Andrew Yeager.

.Best Extraordinary Coverage of a Planned Event: Alabama Public Radio, "Alabama BCS Championship", Pat Duggins.

.Best Investigative Reporting: No entries.

.Best General Sports: WBHM, "Lacrosse in a Football State", Will Dahlburg.

.Best Public Affairs or Documentary: Alabama Public Radio, "Winds of Change", Pat Duggins, Ryan Vasquez, Maggie Martin, Stan Ingold.

.Best Hard-News Feature Story: WBHM, "Legislature Considers Immigration Tweaks", Tanya Ott.

.Best Soft-News Feature Story: Alabama Public Radio, "Holy Smoke", Stan Ingold.

.Best Series: Alabama Public Radio, "Alabama's Gay Rodeo", Maggie Martin.

.Best Web Journalism: WBHM,, WBHM Staff.

.Best Reporter: WBHM, Tanya Ott.

.Best Anchor: WVAS, Marcus Hyles.

.Best Sports Reporter: Alabama Public Radio, Pat Duggins.

.Best Commentator or Editorialist: WVAS, "The Hyles Files", Marcus Hyles.

.Best Specialized Reporter: WBHM, Dan Carsen, education.

.Best Use of Sound: Alabama Public Radio, "The Littlest Victims of Isaac", Pat Duggins.

Television CLASS AA

.Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast: Will be announced July 20.

.Best Reporter:

.Best Documentary: WAAY-TV, "April's Fury, One Year Later", WAAY 31 Staff.

.Best Series: WSFA-TV, "April 27th: One Year Later", WSFA 12 News Team.

.Best Investigative Reporting: WSFA-TV, "President Silver/Alabama State University Controversy", WSFA 12 News Staff.

.Best Spot News Story: WAFF-TV, "Lincoln County Murders", Charles Molineaux, Liz Hurley, Kim Essex, Elizabeth Elizabeth, Margo Gray, Shumuriel Ratliff, Kansas Marsh, Amanda Jarrett, Mike Brown, Kanobia Blackmon, WAFF 48 Photographers, Brian Temple, WAFF 48 Production, Adam Henning, Stephen Gallien, Beth Ridgeway, Kim Hester, Steven Speegle, NiCarla Friend.

.Best Sports Story: WTVY-TV, "Trey Walding Bonds with Cancer Survivor", Matt Harris.

.Best Sports Feature: WAFF-TV, "Wounded Warriors", Carl Prather.

.Best Sports Program: WTVY-TV, "Friday Night Football - 8/31/2012", Kim Allen, Matt Harris, Paul Stockman, Ben Stanfield, Mike Gurspan, Jessica Bozeman, Robbie Hughes, Devon Sellers.

.Best Soft-News Feature: WTVY, "Adoption Reunion", Tessa Darlington, Devon Sellers.

.Best Hard-News Feature: WAFF-TV, "Kyle Camp Kept Warm By Puppies", Marie Waxel.

.Best Extraordinary Coverage of a Planned Event: WSFA-TV, "Alabama Wins The National Title", WSFA News Staff.

.Victor Irving Best Staff Photography: WSFA-TV, WSFA Photojournalist Team.

.Best Reporter: WSFA-TV, Jennifer Oravet.

.Stan Tarilton Best Photographer:WSFA-TV, Andre Morgan.

.Best News Anchor: WAAY-TV, T.W. Starr

.Best Weather Anchor: WAAY-TV, Spencer Denton.

.Best Sports Anchor: WSFA-TV, Derek Steyer

.Best Specialized Reporter: WSFA-TV, Max Reiss.

.Best Web Journalism: WSFA-TV, "WSFA 12 News Web Journalism", WSFA 12 News Team, Mark Wilder, John Shryock, JoBeth Davis, Donna Wallace-King.

Television CLASS A

.Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast: Will be announced July 20.

.Best Documentary: WIAT-TV, "Deadly Deception 2", Sonya DiCarlo, Scott MacDowell, Bill Payer, Bill Ballard, Toby Carter.

.Best Series: WBRC-TV, "Chasing the Dragon", Beth Shelburne, Aaron Lee.

.Best Investigative Reporting: WIAT-TV, "RSA Investigation", Bill Payer, Scott MacDowell, Sonya DiCarlo, Stephen Hauck.

.Best Spot News Story: WALA-TV, "Christmas Day Tornado", Chasity Byrd, Matt Barrentine, Michael White.

.Best Sports Story: WBRC-TV, "Battle on the Bayou, UA Championship Week", Rick Karle, Mike Dubberly, Brian Pope, Alan Baker, Anthony Moore, Dennis Washington.

.Best Sports Feature: WBMA-TV, "The Neighbors", Jeff Speegle, Scott Forester.

.Best Sports Program: WBRC-TV, "Sideline 2012", Rick Karle, Brian Pope, Rob Davis, Jeh Jeh Pruitt.

.Best Soft-News Feature: WBMA-TV, "Beer Boom", Madison Guess, Bryant Somerville.

.Best Hard-News Feature: WIAT-TV, "Toomer's Oaks catch fire", Chris Womack.

.Best Extraordinary Coverage of a Planned Event: WBMA-TV, "Center Point Town Hall 'Do You Have A Plan?' " , Alexander Quince, Bill Castle, James Spann, Bruce Nix, Patrick Deavours, Lee Watford, Marcus Stroud, Roy Roberson, David Polk, Bill Hudson, Ron Thomas.

.Victor Irving Best Staff Photography: WKRG-TV, "WKRG Best Photography", Gary Arnold.

.Best Reporter: WIAT-TV, Tiffany Westry.

.Stan Tarilton Best Photographer: WBMA-TV, Mark Hendren.

.Best News Anchor: WKRG-TV, Devon Walsh.

.Best Weather Anchor: WBMA-TV, James Spann.

.Best Sports Anchor: WIAT-TV, Patrick Claybon.

.Best Specialized Reporter: No entries.

.Web Journalism: WBMA-TV, "ABC 3340 Best Web Journalism", Jeff Wyatt, Ben Culpepper.

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