Ala. Supreme Court clerk retiring after 30 years


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Robert Esdale started a new career at the point in his life when most people are counting the years toward retirement. Now that he's 85, he's decided it's time to end that new career, which lasted nearly 30 years.

Esdale is retiring as clerk of the Alabama Supreme Court. He took the job in November 1983 after a long career as a trial lawyer and as vice president of Moore-Handley. Esdale didn't apply for the job as clerk. A search committee reached out to him.

Chief Justice Roy Moore says Esdale was always there for the justices and they could always count on him. Montgomery attorney Walter Byars says Esdale's key to success was his background in the courtroom. He said Esdale leaves a legacy of always helping other lawyers.

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