Auburn University President Reacts To Football Season


By Lisa Blackwell

While the Auburn football program suffers through a dismal year.. the attention has been on head coach Gene Chizik.

But now that we're near the end of the season, the focus is shifting to the administration and what action may be coming.

With the way the sports season is going here at Auburn are you really happy with it?

Auburn University President, Jay Gogue, says, "Well I'd be foolish if I were happy with it we're not as competitive as we thought we'd be."

Gouge says Auburn has a goal of winning championships and being competitive and the football team has not met that goal.

While Gogue isn't saying exactly what the fate of the athletic administrative staff or the coaching staff will be, change appears to be in Auburn's future.

"As we do in every sport every year at the end of the their playing season we always sit down and have an evaluation of that year and make judgements which direction we go from there," said Gogue.

Meanwhile frustrated fans are staying away.

Auburn Fan Timberly King says, "As far as finding a ticket it's no problem at all, people even choose to do other stuff than go to the game."

King says she can't bear to watch the Tigers play.

"Honestly I have gone home a few times instead of going to the game this year," said King.

Fans like John Busby say the school needs to clean house, starting with Coach Gene Chizik.

"They just need a new coaching staff and maybe even start at the top cause the athletic director hired him so somebody made a mistake," said Busby.

We tried to talk to Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs but he was unavailable for comment. Gogue says whatever decision is made will be in the best interest of Auburn.

Auburn plays two more games, Alabama A&M tomorrow and Alabama in the Iron Bowl next Saturday.

If the Tigers win both games, its record would be 4-and-8.. not good enough for a bowl game.. just two seasons after winning the national championship.

Auburn University president Jay Gogue has a tough decision to make, whether to stand by his head football coach Gene Chizik and the rest of the football staff or make drastic changes.

We asked Gogue if he's satisfied with his team, which is 2-and-8 and hasn't beaten anyone in the SEC.

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