Drivers Split on Possible Speed Limit Increase


By Ellis Eskew

The speed limit in Mississippi may soon be going up... And it could impact Alabama.

There is a bill that is gaining traction in the Mississippi State House to raise the speed limit on interstates from 70 to 75.

Officials believe Alabama could be next in line to do the same.

Right now, there are 16 states that have increased the speed limits to 75. Texas even bumped theirs up to 85.

But we found drivers both for and against the increase.


Leslie Boone says, "I really don't think it should be raised because a lot of people can't even drive 60. I think it should stay the same."

According to research from the Center for Advanced Public Safety at the University of Alabama, if you are involved in a crash, every 10 miles per hour increase in speed doubles your chances of fatal injury.

The bill is now pending action in the Mississippi State Senate.

 "I lived in Arizona for a long time where the limit is 75 and you know in places where it's safe, nowhere in town, but on long stretches of highway I think it's fine," said Sunshine Wolfe.

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