General Election 2014 Looking to be "Uneventful" in Alabama


By Ellis Eskew

We're almost a year away from what should be a big election year in the state of Alabama. But that may not be the case for 2014.

Political analyst Steve Flowers tells us all the state offices are held by Republicans and there is little to no competition so far.
He says there are not any Democrats running for state office because of the overwhelmingly Republican voter base, and what would be a big year for politics, may be pretty uneventful.

"It's almost a phenomenal year. In my lifetime I have never seen an election year for governor when there was so little interest developing. Something could change in the next few months, but it's got to be in the next few months," said Flowers.

The filing deadline to run for state office is in April and the primary election will be June 3rd.

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