Gov. Bentley Says BCS Title is Good for State


By Ellis Eskew

As the Crimson Tide returns home, Governor Robert Bentley is telling us what this huge victory means for the state.

Number 15 came easily for the Tide as they blew out Notre Dame 42-14 in Miami Monday night.

"I am so proud of Coach Saban, all the other coaches and the team. They were well prepared. Mentally prepared, physically prepared. They did a great job and represented the state so well," said Governor Bentley.

As the Crimson Tide made their way off the plane in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, cheers erupted from fans, each squeezing in where they could to catch a glimpse of their national champions.

"It was awesome!" said a young fan.

Governor Robert Bentley was at the national championship in Miami Monday night.Football is very important. It brings an image is what it really does. And it's just the overall spirit of the college campuses. When you have large colleges and large campuses and large number of students, that brings in a lot of cash," said Governor Bentley.

He says it was a great win for the state of Alabama.



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