Local Reaction of Dale Co. Hostage Situation


By Ellis Eskew

The hostage situation in Dale County

has grabbed the attention of the world.

Many of our CBS 8 Facebook fans are sounding off about the hostage situation on our Facebook page.

We asked their thoughts on the hostage situation and what could be done to prevent something like this from happening again.

Julie Cable Peek says, "I don't believe arming bus drivers as others have suggested is the answer, something does need to be done and its darn near impossible to place armed security on every single bus. Maybe another person to ride along and get kids off faster and to safety in an emergency situation."

Woody Daw says, "I think if we could kill Bin Laden in a compound of many armed militia, i think we could kill a moron like that. Where are the Navy Seals?"

Herbert Dean commented by saying, "We have quit punishing the criminal.We as a country are going to have to move to stiffer penalties to match the crimes committed.When criminals understand that they will be punished for any and all crimes,then crimes will come down."

Belinda Surles says, "I pray for the family. I can not imagine what that little boy's family is going through. Prayer changes things. It's going to take God's help to bring this to an end."


If you would like to leave your comments, just go to our WAKA CBS 8 Facebook page.

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