Local Reaction to New Version of School Flexibility Bill


By Ellis Eskew

Last week in a conference committee meeting Republicans unveiled a rewritten version of what was know as the School Flexibility bill. It now includes tax credits for parents to pull their children out of failing public schools to send them to private schools.

Montgomery County Judge Charles Price sided with the Alabama Education Association and has temporarily blocked Governor Robert Bentley from signing the bill into law.

We asked some of our Facebook fans what they thought about the bill.

Reginald Grace told us, "This is just a way for the government to fund private schools!!!!"

Sandra Kay Conner says, "I have always sent my child to a private school mostly due to the quality of the public schools in my county and I have never gotten a tax credit...so why should anyone else? "

Joseph O. Patton commented with, "If we have freebie tax giveaways to dole out then we have the resources to improve schools that are deemed "failing.""

Kendra Briggs Charbonneau says, "Absolutely!!!!!! I can't count on public school to give my child a safe education- I should get a tax break for the money I am spending to put him in a safe environment to get a quality education!!"

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