Lawmakers Set Aside Political Agendas for Annual Prayer Luncheon


By Heather VacLav

Before they get started making decisions in the state house, every year Alabama's lawmakers and leaders take time to pray at the annual Legislative Prayer Luncheon, hosted by the Alabama Baptist Convention's state board of missions.

Lawmakers set aside their political agendas Wednesday and prayed for the future of Alabama. 

"Prayer is very important to me, I mean I truly believe in prayer," Governor Robert Bentley said at the luncheon. "I believe God puts you in places, I believe he put me where I am, he controls my life and I'm not ashamed of that."

More than 500 people listened to prayers and song, taking a moment to step out of their office and focus on one thing...God.

"Faith defines who we are and gives us direction and we are hopeful that the wisdom factor, that comes from faith will obviously help legislators make the kind of decisions that benefit all Alabamians," Rick Lane, executive director for the State Board of Misssions at the Alabama Baptist Convention.

"With prayer he's going to give us strength and wisdom to do what we need to do for the people of Alabama this year," said Senator Harri Anne Smith, I-Dale County.

After the hostage situation involving a 5-year old named Eit  Dale County, Sen. Smith says she believes prayer in Alabama is proved to be more important now than ever before.

"The whole state of Alabama has been praying for the tragedy that has been going on or has ended almost a week ago yesterday," Smith said. "I know prayer works because little Ethan was returned home safely."

"I believe prayer brought that little boy out of that captivity the other day," Bentley said.

Legislators say the afternoon was not about leaders meeting at the beginning of session, but brothers and sisters of Christ coming together to bless our state.

Alabama News Network Anchor Glenn Halbrooks, Political Analyst Steve Flowers and news director Rob Martin have been attending the Legislative Prayer Luncheon for many years.

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