Should Alabama Law Officials Enforce Stricter Gun Laws?


By Ellis Eskew

 President Obama signed a 500 million dollar gun violence package on Wednesday.

We asked some of you what you thought about Alabama enforcing a stricter gun law if Washington passed it.

Many of you are sounding off on the topic on our CBS 8 Facebook page:

Tonya Rabren says, "Regardless of what law they pass only the honest are going to abide by it. However we as Americans have the right to bear arms."

Neil Dopson says, "I don't think Alabama law enforcement should enforce it at all. It goes against the 2nd amendment and our rights as citizens of this great country."

Denny Baynham says, "If Obama wants to take our guns away then the same for the secret service. Lets see who will protect the President from someone shooting at him."

Rick Selfridge says, "No, they should not comply with a ban of any kind. We keep giving up one more small right and before we know it this is no longer a country of the brave and home of the free."


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