State of College Football on "60 Minutes"


By Ellis Eskew

The state of college football has changed drastically over the years.
 And now it's become a multi-billion dollar business.

This Sunday, November 18th, "60 minutes" will air a story about about how football has changed, including an interview with Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

Football is a staple in the south, a tradition that is an industry all on its own.

University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban talks about the importance of staying focused through it all.

"How you think is very important to how you act and the result that you get. If you create a lot of anxiety you aren't going to perform nearly as well," said Saban.

Now smaller schools are trying to get in on the money making business. They are playing Division I schools where they are guaranteed to lose but win in the long run as they get team recognition and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars for their school program.

In a day when college coaches have to act more like CEO's, Saban says you must keep a clear mind.

 "Don't let the moment control how you do what you do," said Saban.

You can catch the full story on "60 minutes" on CBS 8 Sunday at 6:00 p.m.


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