Tax-Free Weekend Controversy


By Ellis Eskew

Severe weather preparedness items will be without state tax.

But the City of Montgomery is not participating.

Montgomery City Council voted this past Tuesday to join in on the tax free weekend.

But there was one small problem.

"When we gave it to the revenue department on Wednesday they told us we had to have done that 30 days in advance. We just messed up," said Mayor Todd Strange.

When Governor Bentley signed the bill last year, there were two dates that needed the city's approval.

One in September and one in February.

Mayor Strange says the Montgomery City Council approved the one for September, but not for February.

And it was too late once they realized it.

"It's one of those bureaucratic issues that we should have had come up to remind us two months before this to bring it to our attention. We didn't. I'll take all the blame in the world for that," said Strange.

However, shoppers can still go to other retail stores across Alabama to get their tax break.

Strange says he doesn't believe their mistake will hurt the city as far as revenue.

For a list of the tax free items and places that are participating, click here.



Alabama's severe weather reparedness tax-free weekend begins at 12:01am Friday, February 22nd.

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