Could VictoryLand Be Open By End of Year?


By Ashley Thompson

Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford has made reopening VictoryLand a top priority...and he's not taking NO for an answer.

"We're going to fight for our jobs. We don't mind going to jail. We don't mind giving our lives for this cause. It's not for gambling. This is bigger than gambling. What we are fighting for is our voting rights, our civil rights, and our economic rights," Ford said

Like Mayor Ford, some Macon County residents are eager for a re-opening and the potential jobs VictoryLand would create.

"Alot of people do need jobs especially me. Being that I have 4 kids, I do need a job. It's hard for me to find one and I think that Victoryland would help people to have jobs and have something to look forward to," said Mary Uzzle of Macon County.

Mayor Ford told us that gaming will take place in Macon County. He says if it's not at VictoryLand, it will be somewhere else.

When I was at VictoryLand today I did see some construction taking place and that may be a sign that the casino is on track to make a comeback

VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor told CBS 8 earlier this year that he would like the casino to be open by the end of this year.


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