Poll: Obama leads all GOP hopefuls; Santorum closes on Romney...Unions planning big campaign push


WASHINGTON (AP) — The latest Associated Press-GfK poll shows President Barack Obama topping 50 percent support when matched against each of the four Republican candidates, and holding a significant lead over each of them. Eight months ahead of the election, the poll shows that a surging Rick Santorum is running even with Mitt Romney atop the GOP field.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Union resources are spread thin this political season even as they gear up to spend more than $400 million to help re-elect President Barack Obama and back other Democrats at the federal and state level. They spent millions last year to fight anti-union measures in several states and are spearheading a recall of Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A review of campaign financial reports finds enough millionaires to go around for all the Republican candidates, each of whom has at least one million dollar donation. The review also finds that more than half the $60 million collected so far by Super PACs in the race came from just 24 wealthy Americans.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The debate begins today in Greece over emergency legislation to approve the country's private debt relief deal, as unions plan a new anti-austerity rally outside Parliament. The $141 billion write down by banks and other private holders of Greek bonds will be debated at committee level. Parliament votes tomorrow.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The history of black art, life and culture is just a few years away from coming to life in a new museum on the National Mall. President Barack Obama and former first lady Laura Bush will help break ground for a new National Museum of African American History and Culture as part of the Smithsonian Institution.

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