Alabama Republicans Say Storm Won't Stop Convention


By CBS-8 Reporter

Republicans are keeping an eye on Isaac as they prepare for their National Convention in Tampa Florida next week.

However, Alabama's top republican may not be there if the storm hits.

Lietenant Governor Kay Ivey is leading this years Alabama delegation and she says a storm will not keep her away.

Republicans are preparing to select their next presidential candidate but a storm called Isaac could interupt their plans.  Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey says a little rain won't stop them.

"The mission about the Alabama delegation at this convention is far bigger than anyone getting wet and damp," said Ivey.

However, Isaac could keep Governor Robert Bentley away. He's watching the weather closely in case the storm heads toward Alabama.

"If it looks like it's coming to Alabama I won't be going to the convention," said Bentley.

Will Sellers, a convention delegate, says the storm will not stop republicans from nominating Romney next Thursday.

"He will be nominated and there is nothing to keep that from happening, a hurricane, tornado, earthquake anything in between he will be nominated and the weather is just a side show to that," said Sellers.

Shanna Kluck from the Alabama Republican party says the RNC has a plan B in place and says if they go to it, she expects to here from them on Monday.

Over 4000 delegates will be attending the Republican National Convention next week. One hundred of them will be from Alabama.

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