CBS 8 Campaign 2012 The City Vote: Wetumpka

Two candidates run for mayor in Wetumpka


By CBS-8 Reporter

Voters in Wetumpka will choose between two candidates, an incumbent, and a City Councilman challenger:

Incumbent Jerry Willis is ending his first four year term as mayor, but he served on the Wetumpka city council for eight years previously. He's a barber by profession and he says economic development is the most important issue in the city:

"The Old Theater has been purchased, the landmark Fain Theater. I have seen the blueprints for some lofts and some office facilities, a unique plan overlooking the river. The old  hotel, there' s a strong interest from Bed and Breakfast people."

Willis also says the announced a 246- million dollar expansion of the Poarch Creek Casino will have a major impact on Wetumpka. he says he's known all along an expansion was coming and wants to make sure the city benefits and the increases traffic is controlled.

Challenging him for the mayor's office is a two term member of the city council...Ken Hammock, who is a funeral director.

He agrees that filling empty storefronts will be a key for whoever is elected mayor:

"We are very fortunate working with the economic development authority. We have a plan in place and we have a  plan for true downtown redevelopment. That plan is available and we will work heavily with them, private enterprise, independent business owners to really renovate downtown Wetumpka and that's a really big issue, that's something I hope to see through to fruition."  

And Hammock says he also welcomes the expansion of the Poarch Creek Casino, and also talks about the need to control the increased traffic on highway 231. But he says the city will be better off as a result of that huge big investment.

Like the other municipal elections, voters in Wetumpka will cast ballots on august 28th.


Incumbent Jerry Willis will be a guest on CBS 8 This Morning on Tuesday, July 24th, and Councilman Hammock will be a guest on the 31st..

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