Campaign 2012 The City Vote: Goshen


By Brittany Bivins

Voters in the Pike County town of Goshen are heading to the polls next week to cast their votes for the city's next mayor.

There are some familiar faces on the ballot. Current mayor Jack Waller is up against former mayor Michael Sanders, who spent 16 years as Goshen's mayor before leaving office in 2004.

"That time of eight years has gone by and it seems like a good time to do something else again," said Sanders.

The lifelong resident and longtime farmer says his familiarity with the people and what's important to them makes him a good fit for the office. He helped lead the efforts to build a town hall in Goshen during his tenure, which he calls one of his biggest achievements. If elected, he says he'll work on improving roads in the area.

Jack Waller says he's focused on growing Goshen.

"We have people wanting to move to goshen, we just don't have any room. Basically I'd like to teach out to people to see if they'd sell some land and make some space available," he said.

Waller spent more than 30 years as a state trooper before moving to Goshen, where his parents have lived for decades.

If re-elected, it would be Waller's second term in office. Sanders is seeking his fifth.

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