Campaigns Ready for Election Day in Selma


By George McDonald

The Selma Mayor's race features two candidates with executive experience-- current Mayor George Evans and former mayor James Perkins, Junior-- and both campaigns are preparing for a big day on Election Day.

Both campaigns have been hard at work making their final preparations for the election-- and making their final appeal to voters.

They're also making plans to deal with the effects of Tropical Storm Isaac on voter turnout for the election.

Edie Jones is the campaign manager for the Evans campaign.

"Selma can very often feel the brunt of some of these hurricanes that come in so yes, of course we're considering the weather just like every other candidate," said Jones.

Lydia Chatmon is the campaign manager for the Perkins campaign.

"We are prepared for bad weather, we are providing rides to the polls along with a host of other community organizations, we'll be providing rides in case there is inclement weather," said Chatmon.

Four candidates are running for the office of City Council President and five of the eight city council seats are also up for grabs.


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