Gov. Bentley says he'll vote for almost all amendments

Say he will not vote on local amendments


By CBS-8 Reporter


The Governor says he is somewhat concerned that some people will vote against the amendment because it was written using rather technical language. But he said there is no organized opposition to it that he's aware of.

Regarding the more controversial Amendment #4, which supporters say will remove racist language from Alabama;s 1901 Constitution, Bentley says he doesn't understand why anyone objects to it and he will vote for it. the AEA and others have advised voters to reject the amendment because it also removes other wording that they say requires the state to fund public education.


(Montgomery) -- Governor Bentley says he'll vote in favor of all of the amendments to the state constitution, except for two that are strictly local in nature. He won;t vote on those at all.

Bentley met with reporters in his office this morning to promote the amendment he says is the most important...amendment two allowing the refinancing of some bond issues. it would free up additional money for industrial development recruitment.


"Right now we get our bonds at 3% and about half the bonds that we have are at 5% so if we re-finance these we save a tremendous amount of money, plus the fact that we're getting low on incentives money to recruit industries into the state or to help companies expanding as they try to create more jobs", Bentley said.

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