Obama Tours Storm Damage, Romney Campaigns


By Ellis Eskew

President Obama took time off from the campaign trail for the third day in a row to focus on the storm victims. Wednesday he was in New Jersey taking a tour with Governor Chris Christie to see some of the hardest hit areas from Sandy.

Meanwhile Vice President Joe Biden was in Florida trying to pick up some votes in the highly contested swing state. According to CBS polls, Romney is closing in on the gap with Obama having just a one point lead over Romney in Florida. Biden took the opportunity to take a jab at the republican ticket for not giving straight answers.

"With these guys everything depends. it depends on the audience you are talking to," said Biden.

Mitt Romney was also in the Sunshine State.
While his thoughts were on the victims of Hurricane Sandy, encouraging donations to the Red Cross, he also told voters in Tampa it was time for new leadership.

"I don't just talk about change. I actually have a plan to execute change and make it happen," said Romney. 

Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, criss-crossed his home state of Wisconsin Wednesday.


Obama is expected to get back to campaigning on Thursday with stops in Wisconsin, Nevada, and Colorado.

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