Poll: Romney Leads Obama in Alabama, But National Vote Will Be Close


By CBS 8 News

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is leading the polls over Pres. Obama in Alabama, but the race is much closer nationally.

Recently, a Montgomery-based Capital Survey Research Center reports Romney leads Obama by a 51 to 36 percent gap.

But CBS 8 Political Analyst Steve Flowers says nationwide, November's election will be the closest in history. He says it will come down to which candidate has the best plan to fix the economy.

"The bottom line is how it affects a person's pocket book. But then again, I'm not trying to make light of the importance of Alabama, but we're going Republican anyway. They may say they're concerned about this issue or that, but when the bottom line comes, the average Alabamaian is just not going to vote for Barack Obama for president," Flowers said.

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