Negative Reaction From Election On Social Media Sites


By Ashley Thompson

The election was last night but the internet is still buzzing with reaction. And some of that reaction has been overly offensive.

Jennifer Burnash is a student at Huntingdon College who says the national election has brought out the worst in some of her friends, friends who have chosen to tweet or facebook racist and sexist opinions.

"With the way it is now a days, a lot of stuff, it just gets put on the internet that's just inappropriate. People are more entitled to say what they really feel. No one really puts a cap on their emotions now a days," she says.

Nasty tweets and Facebook comments have created internet wars. Some, like Huntingdon College student Tavante Lewis, chose to deal with the negativity by deleting friends off of these sites.

"I don't like negativity around me. I just like to move forward and I don't really want anything negative around me," he says.

Dr. Jeremy Lewis, a political science expert, says the evolution of social media has its' downsides.

"I think- for myself if I wouldnt say that face-to-face with someone, why would I want to type that into an online comment box? Unfortunately a lot of people don't feel that way. I think we'd be a lot better off if they did. Facebook itself is probably best kept for social life and fun stuff and chatting with people from all over the world...old family and friends...But best not to do serious stuff in facebook," he says.

If you see any offensive comments on these social media sites, there is usually a way to report it and get them taken down.



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