Some Voters Still Undecided


By Ellis Eskew

The presidential election definitely has people talking. And while most people know who they are voting for, some still haven't made up their minds.

It's a race to the finish.

And most voters say they know who they want to win.

"I feel more comfortable with the steady hand of Obama given the choice this year," said A.C. Marshall.

"I don't want to say who I'm voting for. But I'll give you a hint.. It takes longer than 4 years to make something happen," said Clarence Hann.

While the rest of Alabama is projected to go red in favor of Mitt Romney... it may be a different story for the Montgomery region.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says, "you'll see the map the night of the election. Most of the state will be red except for a line across the middle of Alabama that will be blue and its called the Black Belt."

Even though the Black Belt may swing to the left..and the rest of the state to the right...

there are still some, like Steve Young, that are caught in the middle.

"Until I step into the booth and push that magic button, I don't know who I am voting for. I will vote with my head... And I'll also vote with my heart," said Young.

Flowers believes the voting patterns in this election will look very similar to the election of 2008. And he says it's possible that the popular vote may not match up with the electoral college vote.

Political analysts say it's a sure bet that Republican Mitt Romney will carry Alabama and our 9 electoral votes.

The last time a Democrat won in this state was Jimmy Carter in 1976.



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