State Officials Talk Voter Fraud


By Ashley Thompson

With the general election only weeks away, the offices of Strange and Chapman are taking measures to make sure the residents of Alabama are informed of appropriate voting procedures. Although officials strive to promote an error-free process, some problems do still remain...with the biggest being possible voter fraud.

Secretary of State Beth Chapman commented on the widespread issue saying: "We've seen areas that have shown improvement but we've also seen breeding grounds for voter fraud where the skill has been taught as skillfully as playing a game of cards. This is not cards they're playing with, it's the sacred right to vote that men and women have died for and it will not be taken lightly."

Chapman says her office will work to eliminate voter fraud once and for all. The Secretary of State says her office will partner with the attorney general's office, along with local and federal officials to halt the illegal practice as well as other election abuses.


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