Wetumpka Mayor Wins Re-election


By Lisa Blackwell

Wetumpka voters make history Tuesday.

This is the first time in more than twenty years that voters re-elected a mayor to a second consecutive term.

The last mayor to serve two full consecutive terms was Mayor Melvin Gray in 1972.
Janette Barrette was elected in 1984 and again in 88 but died shortly after starting her second term.
Now Mayor Jerry Willis is getting a second opportunity to continue his plans for Wetumpka.

In a town where mayors generally get one shot at gettng it right, Mayor Jerry Willis is getting another four years.

"I think the people understand where we are they like the plan we have and we need to start where we have plan already there.

Willis beat out city councilman Ken Hammock with seventy eight percent of the vote.

The first thing he plans to do is sit down with the new city council members and get their input.

"We'll adress where we are we'll get thier input and ideas we'll map out three or four more things that want to do plus extend what we're already working on," said Willis.

His plans include addressing issues with the casino expansion, bringing more hotels to the area and expand recreational facilities.

Willis' new term starts on November 5.

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