Where is Arthur Bremer?

May 15th was the 40th Anniversary of the attempt on Governor Wallace's life.


By CBS-8 Reporter
By Tim Lennox

Tuesday May 15th was the 40th anniversary of the attempt on Former Governor George Wallace's life. The shooter was released from a Maryland Prison in 2007 as a result of that state's good-time law.

LIFE Magazine featured an ironic photo of the wounded Governor on the ground at a Laurel Maryand shopping Center. First Lady Cornelia Wallace lays protectively over him. An even more graphic view was captured by a CBS-TV News crew filming the Wallace For President rally.

About 4:00pm, 21 year old busboy Arthur Bremer reached out from the crowd and opened fire. Wallace's daughter was a student at Troy University at the time.

"He knew when he was on the ground. he said I can't move my legs. And then Cornelia came over and she kinda threw herself on him...and said I'm taking you home."

Many relics of that day are preserved. In The Alabama State Archives in Montgomery, the clothing the Governor and Cornelia were wearing is stored, including the blood soaked shirt and tie he was wearing. Also in the archives: the wheelchair Wallace was in for the rest of his life.

Archives Curator Bob Bradley:

"Right now his shoes are on display and we felt that was an OK thing to do because the shoes are so symbolic of what happened to him that day..the other materials, you know there's, you have to think about the family.."

Years after the shooting, Wallace wrote to Authur Bremer, forgiving him, trying to open a dialogue. Bremer never responded. When Wallace died 26 years later, Maryland prison officials asked Bremer if he wanted to issue a statement. He did not. Nor did he talk when he was released from prison in November of 2007.

Peggy Wallace Kennedy says Bremer took away an essential part of her Father:

"My daddy, he talked fast, he walked fast, he ate standing up and he just was always in a hurry, and I've always thought it was ironic that his legs were taken away from him. I guess I would ask why, but then I'm not sure I really want to know."

A diary Bremer kept in the months leading up to the shooting is now owned by the Reynolds Historical Library at UAB in Birmingham. Michael Flannery is the Director:

"..anyone who looks at this can form a pretty quick opinion of the contents...."

He says the diary was bought at auction by a former Dean of the medical school:

"He saw it as an important piece of Alabama History and something that he became aware was available for sale and wanted to get I while he could."

In the diary, Bremer writes about wanting to kill President Nixon, but security around him was too tight, so he settled on Wallace who "would have the honor" of being his target. Yet he felt that decision marked him as a failure:

"to this man it seems only another failure.… I won't even rate a T.V. enteroption {sic} in Russia or Europe when the news breaks …. He won't get more than 3 minutes on network TV news."

Just hours after the shooting, President Nixon was on the phone with Cornelia at he Hospital

Nixon: "I just want you to know that Pat and I are praying for your husband... he's a fighter."

Cornelia: "George may be running against you in November..."

Does Peggy Wallace know where Bremer is now? She says "no I don't ..I guess he's in Maryland...hopefully..."

State of Maryland Parole Board Chairman David Blumberg is one of the few people who know where Bremer is:

"I can tell you he is in a rural area of Western Maryland, I can tell you that much. He's working in a field having to do with home furnishings and seems to be very well adjusted since his release four and a half years ago."

"Have you talked with him?"

"Yes, I have. I've met with him several times, the latest of which was about two weeks ago. But I go up in that area of the state..i've met with him to just kinda check under the hood and see how things are going and so far it has been very good."

"Would you ask him if he would talk with us if you have the opportunity?"

"I will. I'd be shocked if he would, He really doesn't talk about the incident itself. He'll talk about what's in the newspaper. He'll talk about anything having to do with food, He likes to talk about riding his bicycle and eating toast and fresh fruit because he didn't have those in prison, but as soon as you go into the area about what happened on May 15 1972, he really doesn't communicate much on that."

George Wallace died in September of 1998. Of the three people who were wounded along with him, only one survives. Secret Service agent Nick Zarvos was shot in the throat

"Do you know where Bremer is now?"

"Ah, no, I don't. No."

"If you could talk with Mr. Bremer what would you say to him?"

"Almost what the Governor said, that I forgive him. And I have."

Where is Arthur Bremer? Somewhere in Maryland, working, keeping quiet...staying away from the media..ironic, since he wrote in his diary that he shot Wallace in order to be famous.

In 2025 Bremer will be 75 years old, and, his original sentense will be over and he'll be free to go where and as he pleases.


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David Alterman said on Saturday, Dec 1 at 9:26 PM

In the last sentence the word "sentense" is misspelled. It would be "sentence"

Bill L said on Tuesday, Jun 11 at 12:38 PM

"his original sentense will be over " Your job as a writer should be over.

Bippo da CLown said on Friday, Jul 26 at 2:21 AM


twiggjimmy said on Sunday, Feb 2 at 9:36 PM

this clown lives in Cumberland md now. I have observed this guy around town and In he market a few times. he makes funny gestures sometimes like looking at certain people with a funny look on his face and using his hand like he is shooting an imaginary gun, when the persons back is turned. I have seen this! in my opinion, they should have never turned this dude loose. he wears a monitor on his leg so he may be harmless but I truly believe if given the chance, he would try it again.

Craig said on Saturday, Aug 2 at 8:30 PM

I was in Prison in the early 70s and 80s and he was a real nut. Trust me when I say he did not have a good time at MCIH. The correctional officers gave him hell. I personally say him dragged thru the jail hogtied to the infirmiry, MANY TIMES. When just laughed spit on him and treated like the nut he was.

Earl Warren said on Sunday, Aug 24 at 4:04 PM

Ive always wondered if Bremer was under CIA mind control to assassinate Wallace. Nixon cronies were caught breaking into Bremer's apartment and planting McGovern campaign materials to make it 'appear' that Bremer was a McGovern supporter. Wallace was a real threat to Nixon's re-election as he was picking up large support in Michigan and Maryland, and don't forget that Nixon was in Dallas the morning JFK was murdered.

bro-jt said on Monday, Dec 1 at 4:02 AM

In studying the repentance of the late Gov. Wallace, I am not surprised that he forgave his assailant. The person who has seen Arthur Bremer on parole pretending to shoot at people might want to write to the authorities. Sadly, it seems that Arthur Bremer thinks attempted murder is funny.

Phil Himupp said on Saturday, Dec 6 at 6:48 PM

He spent a lot of time getting reamed in prison,...

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