Thursday, December 18, 2014

Alexander City Police Stress Safety After Deadly Crash
By Brittany Bivins

One person is dead and four others injured after a crash on Highway 280 in Alex City. It's not the first time a deadly wreck has happened at that intersection. Now police are urging drivers to be extra cautious on the roadways.

Jean Adams crosses the intersection of Dean Road and Highway 280 at least twice a day.

"How am I going to get across without getting hit? But it is, it's scary for anybody that has to cross it," she said.

Wednesday, those fears came true. Alexander City Police say a van was crossing the intersection when it collided with an SUV traveling east on 280. Police say there were 2 children and a pregnant woman in one of the cars. They say one person is dead, another still in critical condition.

"We do have a lot of accidents at this intersection. Most of them are pretty damaging accidents when they occur," said Officer John Leverette with the Alexander City Police Department.

Last year, another person died at this same intersection. Donna Green works nearby and says she's seen two other accidents since she started in June.

"Basically people aren't paying attention to their surroundings and which way the traffic's coming," said Green.

So how can your cross safely?

"We've got a stop sign here at Dean Road and 280, best way is to make sure you're clear to the left," said Leverette.

Leverette says you should stop again in the middle, which divides the two roads, and make sure the area is clear. Police say keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic and paying attention to the road signs are the best way to stay safe.

Still, some Alex City residents say they want to see a change in the way this intersection functions.

"When Auburn has a ball game, there's no way we can get to our house or even across 280. We have to go somewhere to a red light, and it's awful. They really need a red light up there before somebody else gets killed," Adams said.

Two people were flown to a Birmingham hospital after Wednesday's crash. Three others were taken by ambulance.

Police say some of them have been released, but they confirm one person remains in critical condition.

Alexander City Police have not released the names of anyone involved in the wreck. They say they are still investigating the crash.