Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gearing Up for Alabama's Sales Tax-Free Weekend
By Ellis Eskew

Alabama's tax-free weekend is still days away, but the back to school shopping has already begun.

 "As a teacher, I want to make sure as my kids come they are prepared and have what they need, so I'm trying to take advantage of that now, looking for the best deals, and trying to buy for my personal children as well," said teacher and parent Michelle Berney.

Some students are excited to be going back to school. While others... Not so much.

"I miss everyone, but not the learning part. I could go without the learning," said rising 8th grader Kaitlin Tatum.

The good news is many places like Target already have some good deals for you anyway.
This weekend you can expect to see a lot of things tax free:

-School and Art Supplies
-Clothing ($100 or less per item)
-Computers, software, computer supplies, printers ($750 or less for single purchase)

But some families say they will skip the savings this weekend.

 "We got it last weekend actually because we don't really like to fight to get stuff and everything is already here," said Tatum.

While some tell us they rather avoid the crowds, Michelle Berney says she wishes she could come back for the weekend and save some extra cash.

"I definitely would take advantage of the tax free weekend. It's kind of insane not to take advantage of the tax break. That 10 percent gets added up pretty quick," said Berney.

The tax-free weekend starts at 12:01 am Friday, August 2nd and runs through midnight Sunday, August 4th.

For a complete list of cities and counties participating, click here.