Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gov. Bentley Says More Officers Need Firearm Training
By Ellis Eskew

Governor Robert Bentley is taking immediate action to help make Alabama safer.

It's a situation no one wants to active shooter on the loose.

Governor Bentley says that's why Alabama needs to step up its training for law enforcement.

"So that all of our law enforcement across the state will know how to confront active shooters. It's very important. Only 27 percent of our police at the present have been trained in this," said the governor.

Even though 27 percent of the state officers may not be trained for active shooters, Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham says the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department is at 100 percent.

"All of my people are trained in alert training, so when they get out in a situation they know what they need to do, how important it is to get in that situation, and go ahead and find the target, and go ahead and take care of the target," said Cunningham.

Cunningham says its extremely important to have trained officers and more funding for that training is always welcome.

"You need to have more and you never know when this situation will take place... Not good when one agency is responding the correct way and other agencies are not," said Cunningham. 

The governor plans to sign an executive order soon giving state Homeland Security Director Spencer Collier additional duties as senior law enforcement adviser to help get more law enforcement trained.