Sunday, December 21, 2014

How Much Will Thanksgiving Cost You This Year?
By Ashley Thompson

Last year, a survey found that the average cost of a Thanksgiving Feast was a little over $49.00. CBS 8's Ashley Thompson went shopping to see if that price still holds this year.

Of course the first thing I looked for was the Turkey.

"I'd probably get one that was maybe a little bit larger because you'd rather have too much than not enough," says butcher Steve Stodghill.

After, I searched the store to find the best prices on side dishes and dressings including mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, three types of vegetables, gravy, and sweet potatoes. And you can't forget the cranberry sauce. For dessert I picked up a pumpkin pie. Finally, I found sweet tea to drink.

Next I wanted to make sure my items matched up with an average shoppers' I asked.

"I agree with the turkey and then we kind of make everything homemade so that instant potatoes and the pre-bought pie... that wouldn't work at my house," says shopper Leslie Lovelace.

Maybe not for her, but for others my shopping cart looked pretty standard.

"Yes, we would have turkey, probably green beans, rolls, some dessert. Looks average," says shopper Marie Newman.

Finally I headed to checkout anticipating what my total would come to.

My total was $33.01! Because of a savings card, I actually saved 16 dollars. Without it, my total would have been $48.91...9 cents shy of my goal price.

After our shopping trip we took these items to the Salvation Army and donated them. They said they are more than happy to take any donations especially during the holidays.

Winn Dixie offers fully prepared Thanksgiving meals with prices ranging from $42.99 to $54.99. Place your order at a Winn Dixie deli with at least 24 hours notice.