Friday, December 19, 2014

Pope's Resignation Brings Surprise and Support by Some Catholics
By Ellis Eskew

Pope Benedict announces he will retire at the end of February. Although it comes as a surprise, some Catholics are in favor of it.

The news of Pope Benedict's resignation came as a surprise to Father Charles Troncale of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Tallassee.

But he says under the circumstances, he is in favor of the pope stepping down.

 "I think he is giving a gift in setting a precedent and saying it's really okay to resign as the Bishop of Rome and to turn it over to somebody who is younger, and that really is okay," said Father Troncale.

Even though it hasn't been done in 600 years, Father Troncale says retirement should be a natural thing.... even for the pope.

"If anybody deserves to retire.. I can't think of anybody who has worked harder and given more of his life for the service of the church then he has. So I'm really happy for him," said Father Troncale.

As for what Father Troncale would like to see in the next pope....

"Just simply to be that shepard who wants to shepard all of us by sharing the gospel about Jesus, first of all within the church, and then secondly, encouraging us to share the good news of Jesus with the world."