Monday, December 22, 2014

Prattville's Police Chief Retiring In March
By Ashley Thompson

The city of Prattville will soon see a new leader heading the police department.

Changes are coming to the Prattville Police Department. After about a year serving as Police Chief, Tim Huggins will be stepping down.

Tim Huggins has been a part of the Prattville Police Department for 31 years but will be retiring March 1st. He says his time in law enforcement has enriched his life.

"I've had great support over the years from the community and the people here," he says. "Some of the best you can find."

Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie Jr. will nominate Mark Thompson, who currently serves as a Captain with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to be the new Chief. Thompson began the interview process 18 months ago and Mayor Gillespie says his well-rounded experience makes him the man for the job.

"He worked up through the ranks of Montgomery Co sheriffs department," says Gillespie. "He's been a big portion of their swat team and the crime division. He's pretty much done the whole bit over there."

We spoke with residents of the city who offered some advice for whoever the incoming chief may be.

"I think with him being a new police chief, just come in and take up where the other police chief left off," says resident Frederick Edwards. "We truly have a good police department so if he comes in and works with the department he has, i think everything will be fine."

Resident Becky Booker had just a few words of advice. "Just to keep up the good work."

And although Mayor Gillespie thinks Thompson is the perfect fit, he admits bringing on a new chief may not be easy at first.


"Anytime you have a role change, you're always going to have some challenges," he says. "You're going to have some areas of uncertainty, some areas he's going to excel in and other areas he's going to have to play catch up in."

Mayor Gillespie will nominate Mark Thompson for Chief next week at Prattville's city council meeting.