Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mtgy. Residents: 'We Don't Want a Cemetery in Our Neighborhood'
By Jessica Gertler

Some Montgomery residents say they are angry that the city council re-zoned part of the Belle Meade Community  making it possible for a cemetery to be built there.

Community members say they are confused on what happened. They say they've been protesting for the last 13 months the possibility of a cemetery that would be built near Woodley Road.

"When I heard about the cemetery, I was just very disappointed that they would allow it to come here," says Marlene Martin.

But last week, five city council members voted to re-zone the area from residential to agriculture. Meaning they've cleared a hurdle for the developers and have now made it a reality that a cemetery could be built in their backyard.

"I've got houses up against it. I have people on the other side of it that once they try to fill it in waters, it could run into their backyard creating flood areas and problems," says City Councilman John Dow of District 6.

Dow, who voted against the project, says the council disregarded what his constituents want.

We did try contacting the five councilmen who voted to re-zone the area. Only two had a response.
CC Calhoun says he respects the process, and Arch Lee says he felt like it was the right thing to do, but he says the city needs to revamp the cemetery ordinance.

"No one shared with me why they voted that way," says Dow. "They did not show me any of their concerns."

Residents say they plan on calling the city councilmen backing the project. As much as they need to until they reconsider and listen to the cry of the people.

"Just let them know that we don't want that in our area," says Martin. "We are going to keep on. We are not going to stop."

Residents say they also plan on going to the next city council meeting to demand answers.  The next city council meeting will be held February 5.