Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sewer Line Break Causes Major Stink for Montgomery Neighborhood
By Ellis Eskew

Residents in one montgomery neighborhood are literally breathing a little easier tonight after backed up sewage water was causing quite a stink.

Neighbors called Alabama News Network to help them find some answers.

It's a situation no one wants to be in-- 200 gallons of backed up sewage water in your own back yard.

 "I didn't know where that smell was coming from. Certain times of day or night in the summertime it smells horrible out here," said neighbor Barbara Brown.

Brown lives down the street on Oakleigh Road.
She says the storm ditch has been a problem off and on for years.
But this time it was the worst she has smelled or seen.

"But what happened in this situation, it got into a storm ditch. Down stream of it people have been cutting down timber and have the ditch backed up. People have been throwing trash in this ditch and you had an accumulation of algae and bacteria and whatever else down there," said Montgomery Water Works General Manager Buddy Morgan.

Then add the rising temperatures and the odor fills the neighborhood.
But Morgan says there is a solution that could help prevent the problem in the first place.

"One of the main things people can do is don't dump grease down your drain at your house. This is what's created the problem here," said Morgan.

But Morgan says the sewage water will be pumped out and contained.
And for that, Brown is grateful.

"I'm so glad. Oh, yes I am glad. Cause we would have had a mess out here," said Brown.

Morgan says there are 14 hundred miles of sewer main in the city and it takes everyone working together to help keep them running properly.

The Water Works Board is working with ADEM to solve the problem by the end of Friday evening.