Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Students, Fans React to Tuskegee Leaving Turkey Day Classic
By Ellis Eskew

Along standing tradition in football comes to an end as Tuskegee University decides not to participate in the annual Turkey Day Classic against Alabama State University.

ASU Students we talked to say they're disappointed to hear Tuskegee would no longer play in the big game.

Deion Mallard says, "I think it's kind of messed up because it's a tradition for both schools. It's a fun day too, get to tailgate...pretty fun day."

Another ASU student, Antonio Warren, says, "Yeah, it hurts the tradition and then it's like why not keep playing us? It's a tradition...y'all get money, we get money."

Tuskgee mayor Johnny Ford was also upset to hear the news.

"I respect the wisdom of Tuskegee University. President Rochon, I love him and respect him. So if that's what he has decided to do, I respect that. But it breaks my heart that we will not have a chance to beat Alabama State on Turkey Day. I can tell ya, we lived for that!" said Ford.

But ASU head coach Reggie Barlow says it was not a huge surprise, and he doesn't blame Tuskegee.

"Tuskegee has been a great opponent in that game. But you know you have to respect their desires and their dreams to want to go to the post season and we certainly respect that and respect them," said Barlow.

Tuskegee University will now be able to go on to post season games in their own conference .

And Barlow says ASU will just have to find another opponent for the big game.

"We want all of our fans and alumni the montgomery community to know that there will be a Turkey Day Classic," said Barlow.