Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Easter Bunny Visits Children in Local Hospitals
By Alabama News Network

The Easter Bunny is doing more than just bringing chocolatey treats to kids this year; He's hopping around, touching hearts.

He may represent eggs and candy, but today the bunny was so much more as he visited the NICU's at Baptist South and Baptist East.

He will hop from each hospital next Sunday, as well.

Thanks to Footprints Ministry, these special children will get the chance to do what most kids do every year.

"It means a lot to the parents," said Kim Wilson of Footprints Ministry. "A lot of these babies would miss their first Easter Bunny picture because they're in the hospital so it really means a lot to the parents to be able to capture that special moment with their baby in the intensive care unit."

The Sheriff's Department will also visit the pediatrics units of Baptist Medical Center East and Baptist Medical Center South on Sunday, March 31.