Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's Happened to the West Montgomery Initiative?
By Alabama News Network

It was almost two years ago that the City of Montgomery announced a plant to revitalize parts of the city's west side. But residents say they haven't see much happen since then.  

There were supposed to be 55 homes built as part of the project. The only three that are actually there were built back in 2011. 
Phase one has been built and two of the homes sold and filled with families. The city wants to hand over the rest of the housing project to someone else.
"We really shouldn't be in the housing business. So I hope we can work out with HUD and with the Federal Home Administration the bureaucratic process to transfer that property," said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. 
Across from a rubble filled vacant lot, you'll find the beginnings of the Genetta Park. The mayor says it's under contract and we should expect to see a facelift soon. Members of the community are hoping to see change soon.
"I haven't seen change. I've seen people changing ideas, but I haven't seen anything like that. We need to come together and solve this problem because it's bad out here," said Joseph Williams who's lived in the area for about seven years. 
"I just moved to Montgomery a couple months ago and the first thing that comes to mind is poorness. I think it's very poor on this side and they need to invest more money. Seriously," said resident Terrance Craig. 
One of the investments will turn Court St. into a two way street. The city hopes that will increase the flow of traffic to the area. 
"The final design is waiting approval from DOT and that will allow it to go to bid and construction and I would anticipate within six months or so that will take place," said Mayor Strange.